Chat Rules

Tharu Network International Requests all users to abide by rules and policies. This is not to restrict your rights to free speech but to create a pleasant chatting environment for everyone. The rules have been developed by the users of the chat over time and do not reflect the chat administrators own (possibly arbitrary) sense of morality.

Members cannot select any kind of nick name (which sounds like nick or pet/fancy/Animal name) and name that are offensive in nature. Names that you may be asked to change are those that refer to: death, suicide, self-harm, harm to others, sex, bodily functions, put downs to others, drug or alcohol abuse, hatred or prejudice.

Using bad language on The Chat is against the rules. This includes any swearing, sex talk and other things too! Any abusive language is considered bad language. That includes cyber-fighting, racist or hate language, talk about weapons or attacking others with magical spells or anything that is mean to other chatters. Even if you are just playing(joking), other chatters might not see it that way.

Flooding the screen is against the rules. Flooding is when you type long lines of nonsense, or repeat the same thing over and over. It makes it hard for other members to have fun, so don’t flood the chat rooms.

Do not discuss religious or political views and characters.

Please note that it is strongly suggested that members do not select names which are derogatory to themselves since our negative thoughts can influence members mood. We realize that your chosen nick communicates how you are feeling at the moment. Our goal is to request a nick change that better reflects your true worth as a person.

Always use the same username to log into the chat. We understand that you may more than one username for perfectly valid reasons, but the nature of this chat requires that people be able to trust who they are speaking with. Please select one username to use for this chat and stick with it.

We have assigned some of our friends (listeners) as chat modarators. They have autority to delete post and block(ban) users. Modarator also treated as normal user during the chatting

If anybody have complains about abuse of this chat, please take a screen capture and email us