Tharu Sinhala Hindi Music Radio Sri Lanka

Tharu Sinhala Hindi Music Radio Sri Lanka , is an Online Digital Live HD web Radio. Streaming High Quality classical Sinhala and Hindi music from Colombo Sri Lanka. Incorporating the website . Tharu database consist of 5000+ High quality Audio tracks, which filtered from a large collection.

The audio stream is controlled by a multi band dynamic processor. Integrated digital stereo generator with advanced peak control. Breaking of FM Quality (FM Radio) sound barrier and achieving studio quality audio.

Generating and keeping downloadable unauthorized copies of copyrighted audio/video
records in the foam of free mp3 or in a similar category is against the law and may subject to civil and criminal liability. This website does not allow downloading or host any of such copyrighted content. We (Tharu Network International) request and encourage our listeners to buy the genuine CD or DVD’s from the authorized distributor.

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